There is chance that your phone end up in hand who you don’t know. You could lose it in car, or it’s going to be stolen out your knowledge. Smart phone robberies are in trend these days. And since the phone carries all the information of your personal life, you would be worried. It’s got photographs of yours and your friends and family. It will also have a list of what you’ve shared or ordered from Amazon on Facebook, where you’re banking, and the restaurants you want.

Here’s how can you avoid strangers from retrieving your personal details, easily backup and restore the images and videos that you have saved on your mobile and maximize your odds of restoring your phone with a little luck.

Using a lock on the screen

This is the best thing to do as a first precaution. Skip the simple four-digit PIN & create strong password which contains string minimum 8 characters containing a number, letters, & special characters that do not make recognizable phrases or words, especially those which may be associated to you. Fred1969, for instance, is a bad password, but ed9691will be even more difficult for to crack. Although typing a non-trivial password will initially sound tedious, experience can make it much simpler.

In about a second, we have moved from dormant computer to a laptop. Password security come with another safety measure: Several phones will immediately erase all personal data after many failed attempts to insert a passcode, usually 10. If this feature is given on your devices, trigger it.

Using the app ‘find my phone’

If it goes missing, the same network and GPS ties that will help your cell phone locate the best local restaurants & the fast way to home will help you track and secure the phone. You should add a best free application that we’ll mention below so take benefit of it, which deals with free tool which can be used to find or remove the phone until it’s gone.

The handset must be switched on & have a Wi-Fi connection or cellular for the software to be useful. To locate the phone in the map, location tracking must also be allowed, but the content of the phone probably does not need to be deleted. Since criminals are likely to turn the phone off very easily, delete the place details or SIM card, or box protected from wireless networks, it is important that you give it any orders you find necessary as soon as you hear your phone has gone missing.

Apple has taken smart phone security a pace further, with a great feature that prohibits anyone from accessing the content of the mobile, even after it is wiped clean, until they enter the iTunes ID & password. This feature is called as Activation Lock, that’s installed into iOS7, & when you setup Find My iPhone, it is automatically activated. Only for few months this activation lock will be available, but it’s too early to say that it has significant effect on iPhone robberies.

If the above option does not work, you can see if geolocalisation telephone service from is available in your locality.

A defense company, SRLabs, recently showed how, in some situations, a skillful thief with  right equipment would bypass Activation Lock.

On phones with flat metal or plastic surfaces, printing e-mail ID in a tiny font & taping it with a tiny strip of packaging tape served well in my informal experiments. Write the detail conveniently on phone with a rubbery or rugged texture, using an permanent marker, electrical tape or thin duct the clings to those textures easier. Choose a place on the cell phone where your fingers or palms are less likely to get continuous rubbing.