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Introducing Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach Dubai

Here at Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach Dubai, everything is about luxury and relaxation. We strive to provide the ultimate service and make your dreams come true before you even tell us what you need. We will always be a step ahead of your wishes.

Activities and memories that will make up the holiday of a lifetime

Here at Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach Dubai, we push to give you a feeling of what heaven might feel like.

Our luxury rooms have everything you can think of. From beautiful modern designs and spacious environments to luxury bathtubs and even swimming pools, you have everything – the ultimate technology, comfort, 24/7 concierge and luxury.

A plethora of cuisines for your fine taste.

We want to make everyone happy. Apart from classic and local dishes, we also provide access to international cuisines.


Chinese buffet

The Chinese buffet allows you to experience both known and unknown dishes that have built this culture overtime.


Mamma mia

Passionated about the Italian cuisine? Pasta and pizza will feel different when cooked by authentic Italian chefs.


Luxurious steakhouse

Our trained chefs will cook in front of you – feel free to join the show and get your taste buds ready with the amazing aromas.

We strive for perfection and we improve with every new day.

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Whether it comes to a wedding, a baptism, an engagement party or a business event, Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach Dubai can handle your catering needs and give you something to remember.

News, Updates and Blogposts

Safeguard Your Phone

There is chance that your phone end up in hand who you don’t know. You could lose it in car, or it’s going to be stolen out your knowledge. Smart phone robberies are in trend these days. And since the phone carries all the information of your personal life, you would be worried. It’s got photographs of yours and your friends and family. It will also have a list of what you’ve shared or ordered from Amazon on Facebook, where you’re banking, and the restaurants you want.

Here’s how can you avoid strangers from retrieving your personal details, easily backup and restore the images and videos that you have saved on your mobile and maximize your odds of restoring your phone with a little luck.

Using a lock on the screen

This is the best thing to do as a first precaution. Skip the simple four-digit PIN & create strong password which contains string minimum 8 characters containing a number, letters, & special characters that do not make recognizable phrases or words, especially those which may be associated to you. Fred1969, for instance, is a bad password, but ed9691will be even more difficult for to crack. Although typing a non-trivial password will initially sound tedious, experience can make it much simpler.

In about a second, we have moved from dormant computer to a laptop. Password security come with another safety measure: Several phones will immediately erase all personal data after many failed attempts to insert a passcode, usually 10. If this feature is given on your devices, trigger it.

Using the app ‘find my phone’

If it goes missing, the same network and GPS ties that will help your cell phone locate the best local restaurants & the fast way to home will help you track and secure the phone. You should add a best free application that we’ll mention below so take benefit of it, which deals with free tool which can be used to find or remove the phone until it’s gone.

The handset must be switched on & have a Wi-Fi connection or cellular for the software to be useful. To locate the phone in the map, location tracking must also be allowed, but the content of the phone probably does not need to be deleted. Since criminals are likely to turn the phone off very easily, delete the place details or SIM card, or box protected from wireless networks, it is important that you give it any orders you find necessary as soon as you hear your phone has gone missing.

Apple has taken smart phone security a pace further, with a great feature that prohibits anyone from accessing the content of the mobile, even after it is wiped clean, until they enter the iTunes ID & password. This feature is called as Activation Lock, that’s installed into iOS7, & when you setup Find My iPhone, it is automatically activated. Only for few months this activation lock will be available, but it’s too early to say that it has significant effect on iPhone robberies.

If the above option does not work, you can see if geolocalisation telephone service from is available in your locality.

A defense company, SRLabs, recently showed how, in some situations, a skillful thief with  right equipment would bypass Activation Lock.

On phones with flat metal or plastic surfaces, printing e-mail ID in a tiny font & taping it with a tiny strip of packaging tape served well in my informal experiments. Write the detail conveniently on phone with a rubbery or rugged texture, using an permanent marker, electrical tape or thin duct the clings to those textures easier. Choose a place on the cell phone where your fingers or palms are less likely to get continuous rubbing.

Thai Amulets – Belief and Value

Fashion has become an integral part of our society. People tend to focus more on their appearances to uphold their so-called “standards”. New trends are released into the market daily and people keep on chasing them to update their fashion. When these fashions are combined with the factor of charm and luck the amount of attention and demand they get is copious. One such item that holds great demand among the people are Thai Amulets.

We know that demand creates supply and when there isn’t enough supply to meet the demand, the demand increases more. This is the case in Thai Amulets. These amulets which are also called “Talismans” are not easily accessible by anyone and are said to bring luck and peace to the one who wears it. They are available in many types and sizes and helps to improve your overall life by bringing peace, luck and harmony in all aspects of your life.

These amulets are often gifted by Buddhist monks when donations are made to the temple. You can simply get an amulet by making a donation to a Buddhist temple but this requires a great deal of time and energy because not everyone has the opportunity to visit a Buddhist monk. So naturally, people depend on the next best and convenient option available out there, i.e., the Internet.

This option is not so trustworthy as genuine Thai amulets are rare to get hold of. It takes great effort in the making of a genuine Thai amulet. Amulets are mainly made using the image of Buddha and it may also contain hairs of various supreme monks and ashes from old temple structures and incense sticks. These amulets are then protected by using a protective case around it. After the amulets are made several monks from the temple are asked to chant prayers and bless the amulet. This process may take from weeks to more than three years. It is due to these factors that authentic Thai Amulets are so hard and rare to get. Many people also try to cheat others by selling duplicate amulets online. People should buy Thai amulets only from authentic sources and websites.

One such genuine website is They sell various types of genuine Thai amulets through their website making it convenient for people to get one. Some of their best models are Lp Toh-Wat Pradoochimplee, Lp Ruay Wat Tako, LP Pae Wat Pikultong, etc. The Lp Toh-Wat Pradoochimplee category also offers several other models that come in various sizes and designs. This model is named after Luang Phor Toh, one of the top ten monks of all time. These amulets are a little pricey due to his reputation for creating the best amulets in the market. Any amulet Lp Toh is well known to give it’s owner great luck, protection and prosperity. There is a saying that whoever owns an Lp Toh amulet will be free from poverty. All these factors make the Lp Toh amulet stands out from the rest.

Things You Should Not Do in Kuala Lumpur

Do in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur always welcome tourist regardless where you come from, as Muslim country and the sensitivity of local people, a few behaviors that normal for the other country its might be not an appropriate behave in Kuala Lumpur, especially in Malaysia.

Below just few list for your reference suggested by local website CasinoReviews MY.

  • Bring in or smuggle a drug such Heroin, Marijuana, Cannabis, Ecstasy, Grass or any things illegal to international law regardless for personal use or other intend. Why?, Malaysia imposed a death sentence or whole life jail including canned for this crime.
  • Having sex with underage girl, either she is willing or not. Why, if you convicted 20 years jail including canned 20 times.
  • Sponsoring, attended or involved in wild party such sex party, alcohol party, wild concert, underground concert either in private property or in public area. Why?, Malaysia is Muslim country, Muslim community are very sensitive to the issue involving Islamic Law, even you can consume alcohol in a private building such Clubbing or Disco, but you can not over the limit by involving in wild party even in private building, permit are require to holding any concert even in private building, you can be jail or expel from Malaysia and barred to entering back in the future.

Things To Do in Kuala Lumpur

May be this is your first time travel to Kuala Lumpur for business trip or holiday and you had no idea what activity you can do in Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur city had a lot things to offer for everyone, either you travel with the kids or alone. Below is a few list things you can do Kuala Lumpur.

  1. Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge Visit – this one of most popular landmarks in Kuala Lumpur, your tour in Kuala Lumpur wont be complete if you not visit Petronas Skybridge.
  1. Had a dinner at the 4th highest tower in the world, Kuala Lumpur Tower – you need to make reservation, call them
  1. Try Malaysia king of fruit, Durian. You heard so many stories about Durian, but have you try it? The only way to find it is by experience it. You can do Durian sampling at Jalan Raja Alang night market.

Experiences of Singapore Travel

Singapore Travel

The fascinating destination among the asian countries is Singapore. It can be called as multinational hub as many people from different countries are residing in this place and also tourists from all over the globe visit the place throughout the year for different purposes like business and enjoying the holidays. Tourists come here to make their trip as a lifetime memory. Of course, the city also makes you happy by satisfying all your needs.

The Country is rich in its culture, heritage, stunning historic monuments and the beautiful lifestyle of the localities. These factors are also the main factor in the development of tourism in Singapore. Many places of the city are the shopper’s heaven and people keep doing the purchases till the end of their vacation. They also have online betting Singapore legal, if you play in licensed website. The activities easily attract the people to their field and make them happy by giving so much of fun and entertainment. The City is a home of many luxurious hotels and restaurants.

As the country is with diverse culture, there are also a wide range of ethnic foods as well as the continental dishes are available in the star restaurants of Singapore. This kind of restaurants grabbing the attention of the tourists to visit the place as well. It is also a hub of many temples, crowded markets and the places with attractive natural beauty. The visitors can be involved in exploring many fragile things of natural and manmade wonders.

Jurong bird park is a most visited place of the tourists as well as the local people. In this bird sanctuary, there are about 600 species of birds. The park is the must visit places for the visitors and it is worth visiting. People may get a chance to learn more about bird species and explore the lush green of the park. Apart from lush green and wide variety of birds, there is a beautiful man-made waterfall called Crowd puller. This highest waterfall attracts the visitors to Jurong bird park and gives them an awesome experience.

Singapore travel is full of thrilling experiences and allures the tourists with its awesomeness. Make a visit to Singapore and explore the multi-ethnicity and wonders of the country. Singapore tour packages provides all the facility to the tourists including the hotel and travelling at an affordable price. So, make use of these travel packages and enjoy your holidays with your dear-ones.

Singapore – Quench your Gaming Thirst

Singapore has made an outstanding growth with regards to tourism in the Asian continent. This is now ranked on the top of the most sought out destinations by tourists in Asia. The major advantage which the country has is the cleanliness and this has gained them an edge over their competitors.

The government of Singapore has taken every necessary step to ensure that the city of Singapore is maintained well. They have been successful in making this city a paradise for travelers. Also, thanks to the many eco-friendly schemes, this is a sustainable one too. There are many beautiful restaurants in Singapore and many different attractions for the tourists to have fun. One of them is the Singapore casino.

Among the many Singapore live casino, the one that stands out distinctly is the casino of Marina Bay Sands. The casino charges $100 on a daily entrance and $2000 for a year. This casino would remind you of the many splendid casinos found in the casino city Las Vegas. Each and every guest has something to keep themselves occupied at this Singapore casino.

If the visitor wants to have a never before experience of gaming, then there are nearly 1600 slot machines in this Singapore Casino to give him/her an unforgettable and a memorable gaming experience. The number of gaming themes in these ultra-modern gaming machines is definitely more than 250 and the visitor has the option to choose the title which is appealing to him/her. Sci-Bo and Roulette are examples of some of the famous games found in this Singapore casino.

If the visitor is a type who enjoys the gambling rush when there is a continuous flow of money and the stakes are running high then there are table games such as Singapore Stud Poker, Money wheel and Baccarat to keep the wheel running. If the traveler is very conscious about health, then there is also a level of non-smoking which is also packed equally with gaming machines.

The Singapore casino of Marina Bay Sands is situated at the center of the city which means it is very convenient to access other key attractions of this country. An astute traveler who values elegance and class to a great extent can get an amazing accommodation in this flagship hotel of Singapore. This hotel boasts of variety in providing entertainment and is considered to be a first-class accommodation in Singapore.

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